Book Reveiw: “The Selection”

As a book lover, I understand that it’s difficult to find a good book to read to pass time, since there are so many to choose from, here’s a book that I enjoyed deeply – The Selection by Kiera Cass.

This book is about a girl named America Singer, who lives in Illea, a country in a future America that is ruled by a monarchy. In Illea, when the prince and heir to the throne turns 19, 35 girls chosen from all over the country are allowed the chance to become a princess and marry the prince.

I really enjoyed this book, and following America’s journey through the Selection, even though she hadn’t wanted to enter in the first place. This is a relatable issue, since not many people want to attempt to fall in love with a stranger. The book also tells how she met Prince Maxon, which adds humor to the story. Overall, I’d say the book has a wonderful mix of humor, romance and adventure. The book is only the first in a series of six (seven if you include the novel that tells more of the stories of Maxon and America’s first love, Aspen), the Selection, the Elite, the One, the Heir and the Crown are the main books in the series.

(By: Kaitlyn Davis)

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