Students Attend the Scholastic Book Fair in the Learning Commons

Every year, Barnwell hosts a Scholastic Book Fair where new books, posters and other items are sold. The book fair was held in the Learning Commons from Sept. 13-18. It was run by librarians Clare Kline and Gina Murphy.

“The book fair is an opportunity for students to get books and other items,” Kline said. “The
money from the book fair is used to buy things for the Learning Commons including books, furniture and desks.”

There were different types of genres at the Book Fair like fantasy, non-fiction and horror. There is a new and exciting book at the Book Fair for everyone. Some of the new books included “Slacker,” “Startalk” and “Girl in a Bad Place.”

“The Book Fair was mature, fun and exciting,” sixth grader Cassie Hodgkins said. “It was a great opportunity to inspire kids to read more. The Book Fair is great for kids who like to read, kids who like to learn and kids who like to have fun.”

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