Barnwell Hosts Chess Club

(photo by Carolyn Green)
(photo by Carolyn Green)

All around the world, people play chess. Chess tournaments are held each year at different levels. At Barnwell, I am part of a chess club run by, or kept civil by, eighth grade science teacher Gene LaVigne. There is a small group of core members and students who drop in occasionally for a game. Recently, there has been talk of entering willing members in tournaments.

Whether they are competing or not, the members truly enjoy the club.

“It’s a fun place to be,” seventh grader Chloe Averbeck said.

As fun as it is, some members have people they are striving to beat. When questioned on who they wish to beat, eighth grader Rachel Stover, didn’t bother to speak. She merely pointed at me.

An individual’s decision about attendance varies. Some players, such as Joanna Miller, are still thinking. Others, like Stover, have chosen not to go. Averbeck is still considering her attendance. If she does go, she has a goal of beating at least three people. Should LaVigne allow members to participate in tournaments, it will provide a fun way to increase a player’s chess skill.

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