Barnwell Hosts Most Successful Quarter Auction

By Emma

On April 1st, Barnwell held the most successful Quarter Auction yet!  It’s main goal was to raise money for the eighth grade field day.  It raised over $1000.

The quarter auction is a fun event where  the participants bid on items with a number of quarters to hold up paddles with numbers on them.  If the auctioneer calls their number, they get the item they were bidding for.  Lots of items were auctioned off.  Some people won multiple items, some won none.

The auction wasn’t the only thing going on though.  There were many vendors that sold many different things. Eighth graders  Ashlee, Emileigh,  Candace and Brooke all ran a stand.  Ashlee and Emileigh sold cakes, Candace and Brooke ran a balloon pop, and there were many brand name vendors too.

Mrs. Beeman and Mrs. Horton were the auctioneers for the night.  Some of the students walked around displaying the items and delivering the items, and others collected the quarters each time an item was auctioned off.

Due to all of this money raised, eighth graders now have a greater chance of having the pancake breakfast, obstacle course and many other fun events for their field day, but in order to be sure, donations and participation in the fundraising events are encouraged!



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