Barnwell Dances into Spring

By Hayden

The StuCo kids hosted the Spring Fling Dance at Barnwell Middle School. The dance was on March 4 from 3:15-5:00. If you wanted to get in the dance, you had to pay $2.00 in advance and $3.00 at the door.

Why would people want to go to this dance? Well, it’s fun! You get to hang out with your friends, talk with your friends, and dance. You can go to the cafeteria to eat and drink for a $1.00. You can wear anything for the dance; you don’t have to wear a specific thing. If you want, you can bring a friend but they have to have money  to get in the dance.

There are going to be more dances in the future, so you should check with people or on calendars to make plans or arrange stuff so you can go to them. Don’t miss your chance to go to the dances. If your parents work when the dance is over, text them or call  to see if you can get a ride from a friend to bring you home.

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