Zootopia hits theaters

by Emma

Imagine a world filled with anthropomorphic, or human like animals, animals that are highly evolved, and all live together. That is Zootopia,  the latest Disney film that revolves around a bunny named Judy Hopps, that desires to be a police officer.

She trains very hard at a police recruit camp, ends up graduating at the top of her class, and gets a job as an officer in Zootopia. Just when Judy thinks her dream has been fulfilled, things go wrong.  She is assigned the role of a meter maid, instead of the crime fighting officer she wanted to be.

While working one day,  she saw a thief, and arrested him, but when she brought him to the police station, she got in trouble for leaving her post. Her boss decides to assign her a near impossible missing animal case that must be done in two days, when the highly trained officers couldn’t solve it in two weeks.  Judy teams up with a fox named Nick Wilde to help solve the case, but while investigating, they find that this simple missing animal case is much deeper than they thought.

Zootopia is an exciting, funny movie, with a great story, and I recommend watching if you want to find out what happens!

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