Self Harm: Understanding It

By Morgan

Self harm, what is it?

Self harm is an expression used to describe the act of hurting yourself. The most common way is by cutting; others involve burning, ripping skin, pinching/scratching, punching or carving.

Every year about 1 in 5 females and 1 in 7 males self harm, starting at around their teen years and going on into early adulthood. Most people do not understand how serious this is; they will either laugh it off or bully the person who does self harm.

A few may say that people who self harm only do this to get attention. This is not always the case. Depression is usually one of the reasons why people self harm. Other reasons for self harm is because of bullies, society not accepting them, parent’s being divorced, or feeling alone and with no one to care about them.

There is always help available for those who self harm. Family and friends most often care and are willing to help. To speak with a behavioral health specialist at any time of the day, contact the Behavioral Health Response ACI Hotline at (314) 469-6644 or toll free (800) 811-4760. TTY services are available for the deaf or hard of hearing at (314) 469-3638.

For more resources, log on to the St. Louis Behavioral Health Response website at





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