Six Things to do to Squash your Boredom over Summer


by Kaitlyn

1: Sleep Outside. While getting bitten by an insect is a possibility, on a clear night there could be many stars out to connect. Things like a treasure chest, a pencil, or a microphone are things one could shape with the stars.

2: Watch your favorite childhood movies. It’s interesting to compare your current interpretation of the movie to the way you thought of it when you were younger, and you can pick up all the jokes that went over your head as a kid.

3: Have a slumber party. Invite your best friends to sleep over at your house, middle school style. You can watch movies, gossip and eat all the junk food that your hearts desire.

4: Teach yourself to cook. Look up recipes online or watch a cooking channel on television. If you learn to cook, you can satisfy your taste buds without having to spend loads of money on eating out.

5:  Go Geocaching. If you haven’t heard of Geocaching, it’s basically a treasure hunt using GPS. You go to the website and enter your zip code to find little treasures that people have hidden in the area. Once you locate their treasure, you replace it with a new teasure and write about your experience on the website. It’s a really neat thing to do.

6: Sit outside and sketch something.  While you can be stung by a bee, you can always find neat things to draw, like flowers, animals, plants, or the sky.


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