The Mysteries of Gravity Falls Comes to an End

By Emma

After four long, hiatus filled years, the Gravity Falls series finale is here! Gravity Falls is a mystery and comedic show about the twins Dipper and Mabel solving the mysteries of Gravity Falls.  The two-season-long show came to an end with an hour-long special that continued from two previous parts of the finale.

Gravity Falls is a cartoon on Disney XD that is about mystery and family.  It is mostly known for it’s ciphers, or puzzles in the show, foreshadowing, and details in the background that sometimes, are very important.

In the finale, the mysterious symbols that represented the characters were finally confirmed, old friends meet again, and problems were resolved.  For the most part, Gravity Falls had a good ending, but some fans may say otherwise.  Although the show is over, there are still more mysteries to be solved!


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