Robotics Club hopes to make changes for our future

The Robotics Club at Barnwell Middle school has been working on a project to help the environment and the students at Barnwell as well.

During an interview with some of the Robotics Club members, they explained that they would like to purchase new sensitive water fountains for the students at Barnwell to conveniently fill up their water bottles in the hallway. Each water bottle filling station costs about $760.00.

Club members have also created a link on the Barnwell website where the students can keep track of what they have recycled and help raise money for the water bottle filling stations. They are also planning on turning the website into a competition, where the winning Ac lab that turns in the most money gets a reward of some kind!

Not only do the Robotics members have the idea for new water bottle filling stations, but they also have the idea for a new recycling system for the cafeteria. Their vision is to have the students in the cafeteria recycle all of their plastic and paper in the correct places, rather then just throwing them away.

Barnwell will be sponsoring the Robotics club by hosting the upcoming Barnwell Trivia Night. Most of the funds raised will go toward the new water bottle filling stations. ¬†Special thanks to the Robotics club members that provided this information, and don’t miss donating to make our school a better place!

Robotics members Riley, Avery, Gavin, Abbie, and Aidyn were interviewed for this article.

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