Phone addictions- we need to stop them!

Have you ever heard your parents say, “You’re always on your phone!” or, “All you do is stare at your phone!” or even, “You only use your phone to talk to your friends or look at Instagram!” Well, in your view you see it as keeping in touch, and finding things to do when you’re bored. Your parents see it as an addiction, a phone addiction.

You may think that it’s no big deal, but it could affect your day or even bigger things. It could affect your eye sight, the way you feel, or even what you do. Now I’m a phone addict myself, but I’m working on it, and you can work on your addiction too. Now I’m working to stop my addiction by limiting my time on my phone from usually roughly two hours to four hours a day. Or, if that’s too big of a step, try taking smaller steps making it a habit to use 30 minutes less time than usual. Also, try to make it a habit to look at your phone only when necessary.

I’m not necessarily saying that everything that you do on your phone is bad or addicting, there are other alternatives. For example, you could use your phone for reading, listening to music, or doing other things that you would find useful to you. Or, if these alternatives aren’t really working, put down your phone, go outside and try new things such as physical activities.  You could even find a new hobby or activity that you really enjoy doing! I hope that these alternatives help you on your way to stop your phone addiction, or they help you to find things that you enjoy to do.

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