It’s a Mystery…ELA Unit 4

Sixth grade ELA is ending unit 3 and starting unit 4. Unit 4,which is based on mysteries, fact and fiction, sounds like a fun unit to work on. We have already been looking at some mysteries and talking about our ideas on how it happened. One mystery we have looked at is the mystery of Harry Spitz. The mystery is about a boy that died and later his grave rose out of the ground. It is an interesting mystery that has not yet been solved.

We are also starting a list of books we would like to read. Now since the book fair happened, we can fill up our list with cool books. After our lists are filled up, we can look for the books on websites or at libraries and have good books to read.

This unit will be a fun unit to learn about if you like mysteries. Mysteries are a fun way to learn about how to make a claim and support it with evidence. This is a great unit to learn about and it can help you in lots of ways!

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